Wooga “Warlords Trailer”

Wooga “Warlords Trailer”

“Epic strategy. Heroic proportions.”

Trailer for a new turn based strategy game Warlords.

Piñata director Henri Tani decided took on a story form where we really focus heavily on the turn based aspect of the game as well as communicate the light hearted touch and humour of the game through characters.

A colorful and painterly use of light and materials was again in place to match the vibrant look of the Warlords game. Piñata 3D team working on the trailer studied the game art closely to match the overall feel, even though a huge effort was put into sculpting the characters for a high definition animated trailer.

Client: Wooga

Wooga: Alex Bousquet, Sebastian Kriese, Silver Saaremäel, Johannes Ippen, Jamie McCarthy

Production company: Piñata

Director: Henri Tani (Piñata)
Piñata producer: Miia Länsimäki

Piñata team: Henri Tani, Tuomas Korpi, Mikko Vormala, Timo Hämäläinen, Jani Toikka, Ville Ikonen, Raine Kuusi, Valtteri Heinonen,Oula Runila, Sampo Rask, Sami Sorjonen, Olli Sorjonen

Sound design: Akseli Soini / El Camino
Speaker: Ross Huguet

Tags: Film

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