Pinata HQ
~ Surviving the frozen north

Piñata is an animation and illustration studio based in Helsinki, Finland. We are built around an exceptional team of illustrators, animators and VFX professionals, who believe in the power of collaboration.

All our work is characterized by inspired pre-production work and we apply a mix of skills and techniques ranging from traditional drawing and 2D animation to fully fledged 3D photorealism. We create engaging content for TV, print, web and mobile, all with a singular vision: providing creative, world-class visual solutions to our customers.


For potential projects or collaborations, please contact one
of our producers Sari, Harri or Sanna at

Sari Tani
~ CEO, Producer

+358 40 572 7732

Harri Hakala
~ Producer

+358 50 577 0768

Sanna Louhivaara
~ Producer

+358 400 755 078


Sari Tani

~ CEO, Producer

Harri Hakala

~ Producer

Sanna Louhivaara

~ Producer

Tuomas Korpi

~ Creative Director

Mikko Vormala

~ Director, Lead Animator

Mika Rantala

~ Director, Lead Compositor

Henri Tani

~ Director, Motion Artist

Timo Hämäläinen

~ 3d Artist, Designer

Jani Toikka

~ 3d Animator

Raine Kuusi

~ Illustrator, Designer

Sakari Hakkarainen

~ 3d Artist, TD

Felipe Peña Karvonen

~ 3d Artist, Generalist

Aane Haataja

~ Animator, Character Artist

Sofia Väätäinen

~ 3D Artist

Minea Juntura

~ Illustrator, Concept Artist

Pekka Veikkolainen

~ Illustrator, Concept Artist