Supercell Wood City Screen animations

Woodcity Screen animations

Piñata was tasked to design and create two brand-inspired animation loops for the screens in Wood City, Supercell HQ.

“There’s a lot of big screens in Wood City and while Supercell has a ton of beautiful animated material from the games, sometimes you might opt for something a bit more calm and serene.”, Piñata director Henri describes the client brief.

“We used the Supercell brand style as a starting point and created one animation solely based on the clear-cut shape language and robust style of the logo, and another visual that is more focused on the game and characters in an interesting way.”, concept designer Tuomas says, and continues: “It’s beautiful how the interior also speaks the same language, and in the end these animations and the location they are used in create a beautiful whole.”

Client: Supercell
Supercell Team: Markus Haikonen

Piñata Producer: Sari Tani
Piñata Team: Henri Tani, Tuomas Korpi, Jesse Myllymäki, Mika Rantala

Illuminated logo animation loop

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