Supercell Clash Royale World Finals

Supercell Clash Royale
World Finals

“Piñata designed and created visuals for Clash Royale World Finals – the biggest mobile e-sports event to date.”

Piñata designed and created visuals for Clash Royale World Finals – the biggest mobile e-Sports event to date. The truly global event took place in London, in the venue build for London 2012 Olympics and featured 16 top Clash Royale players all around the world.

The brief from Supercell Event Producer Aapo Huovila was to create a set of visuals that would build an arch of drama to the show and keep the audience engaged during the 6-hour-long spectacle.

The bar was raised high from the start: We had the opportunity to work with a team of creatives from DONE+DUSTED and Moment Factory, companies that have produced major events like the London Olympics opening ceremony, Victoria’s Secret fashion shows and directed the Academy Awards.

While Piñata was responsible for producing the key arts, on-screen graphics and hero visuals for the venue screens and live stream, Moment Factory focused on the opening ceremony, set-design and bringing the visuals and assets on screens in animated form. DONE+DUSTED did an amazing job in creating a spectacle of the show! The event was also broadcasted live to the millions of viewers home, for which we also created the on-screen-graphics and assets.

Eli Hodapp from Touch Arcade writes: “This has made every other show I’ve gone to in my life, from WWE events to Insane Clown Posse concerts seem like they need to up their game to even come close to competing with what Supercell has put together.”

Thanks to all the professionals in the event and entertainment industry involved in the massive project!

Oula describes the working process. “It was interesting to work closely with Stepan and learn about the process of creating a new watch, about new ideas on watch design and its mechanics. Sometimes 3D work is quite meticulous and very often in-detail, especially when it comes to materials and little things.”

“It was absolutely great to work with an artisan who was as precise and interested in the tiniest details.”, he sums up.

Client: Supercell
Supercell contact: Aapo Huovila

Piñata producers: Sari Tani, Miia Länsimäki

Piñata artists: Henri Tani, Tuomas Korpi, Mika Rantala, Timo Hämäläinen, Oula Runila, Ville Ikonen, Jani Toikka, Raine Kuusi, Jonna Uhrman and Mikko Vormala.

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