Sarpaneva “Korona K0 Daredevil”

Sarpaneva “Korona K0 Daredevil”

“Stars, stripes, a motorcycle.. and a Sarpaneva Watch.”

The New Korona K0 Daredevil takes us back to the very first Sarpaneva watch, crafted from a pinion of the watchmaker’s broken motorcycle. In addition to 3D product shots of the watch depicting it’s bold design and luminous materials, Pinata created matching artwork inspired by strong, retro action-packed motorcycling posters, Daredevil-attitude and colors of the American flag.

“It was great to work on such a project, with all the precise details of the watch contrasted with energetic, graphic patterns of the background”, Piñata Illustrator Raine sums up.

Client: Sarpaneva

Pinata artists: Raine Kuusi, Oula Runila

Tags: Still

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