San Diego Zoo “Jungle Bells”

San Diego Zoo “Jungle Bells”

M&C Saatchi Los Angeles approached Piñata to visualize an illustration for San Diego Zoo, the most visited zoo in the United States known for it’s pioneering open-air, cageless exhibits.

During the holiday season San Diego Zoo is organizing a festival called Jungle Bells – bringing together exciting visuals, musical performances and spectacular light installations. Piñata created an illustration capturing the magical atmosphere and spirit of the festival.

“M&C Saatchi had sketched a beautiful concept of a snowy owl primal spirit descending from the sky. We started working with the concept and bringing in more movement and atmosphere with aurora, while trying to keep the essence of an actual snowy owl in the image.”, Raine sums up the working process.

Client: San Diego Zoo

Agency: M&C Saatchi LA
Production Director: Brian Bushaw
Associate Creative Director: Stephen Reidmiller

Piñata producer: Harri Hännikäinen

Piñata artists: Raine Kuusi, Tuomas Korpi

Tags: Advertising

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