S Group “Cute & Caring”

S Group “Cute & Caring”

It’s easy to make a difference by shopping responsibly.

With these super cute characters S Group shows us how easy it is to make a difference while shopping in their stores. Together we are building a better future by reducing food loss, using solar energy and wind power and supporting domestic products.

Bob the Robot wrote the awesome scripts and it was inspiring to create all the different personalities and looks. Together they make a team of loveable characters that help everyone with the shopping responsibly – and look cute while doing it!

Client: S Group
Agency: Bob the Robot

Character Design and Production: Piñata

Piñata producer: Miia Enroth

Piñata artists: Veikka Somerma, Henri Tani, Mikko Vormala, Mika Rantala, Jonna Uhrman, Tuomas Korpi, Kiira Mukka, Joona Aalto, Laura Jay

Tags: Advertising


Character Design

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