Nomnom Characters

Nomnom Characters

“We created a line of whimsical
characters for nomnom fruit snacks.”

Design and brand agency Buena contacted Piñata to create a line of characters for Nomnom, a new brand of delicous fruit snacks from Lejos. The idea was to create three different characters with different personalities: Deisi, Muudi and Pärsky.

“It was fun to create such whimsical characters that are so closely associated with the product, especially since the overall design was so minimalistic and stylish. That was also where we put most of our work: to find the right balance of simplicilty for the characters, finding out what are their personalities and what kind of stuff they enjoy doing!” Piñata artist Jonna describes the creative process.

Agency: Buena
Client: Lejos
Creatives: Samuel Räikkönen, Juha Salminen

Project Manager: Maarit Halonen
Product Photos: Tuomas Kujansuu

Tags: Still

character sketches

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