Nelonen “Sex Tape Finland”

Nelonen “Sex Tape Finland”

Channel Nelonen’s “Sex Tape Finland” is a new TV show that is not just entertaining but can truly make a difference in the world. The format is aimed at solving couples’ relationship problems through revealing their most intimate moments with others. Together with Nelonen Media Creative team we created red-hot and hypnotizing teaser animations and stills for the show. The pulsating soundtrack was composed by Mr. Jori Hulkkonen.

Client: Nelonen

Agency: NM Creative
Concept: NM Creative / Matti Penttilä, Touko Maksimainen
Creative Producer: Matti Penttilä
Creative Designer: Touko Maksimainen
Marketing Executive: Heli Annala
Marketing Manager: Johanna Pajuaho
Production Coordinator: Niina Suokas

Production: Pinata
Director, Motion Artist: Henri Tani
3D Design and Motion: Morumotto
Illustrator: Jonna Uhrman
Producer: Harri Hännikäinen
Music: Jori Hulkkonen
Sound Design: Marko Ventola / Humina

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