Moominvalley “Opening Titles”

Moominvalley “Opening Titles”

Piñata designed and animated the opening titles, inspired by the beautiful work of Tove Jansson.

Piñata illustrated and animated the opening titles sequence for the Moominvalley animated series. The illustration style was inspired by the beautiful ink drawings and art of Tove Jansson. We developed the look further with soft watercolor textures and pastel tones to match the mood and look of the animated series.

Our team also worked on the visual development of the new series, painting concept art and sketches to capture the mood and light of the north.

Client: Gutsy Animations / Moomin Characters
Gutsy team: Marika Makaroff, Steve Box, John Woolley, Paula Poveda-Urrutia

Production: Piñata
Piñata producer:
 Miia Länsimäki
Piñata artists: Henri Tani, Tuomas Korpi, Mikko Vormala, Valtteri Heinonen

Tags: Commercial


Animation line tests

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