McDonald’s “Myburger Nam’s”

McDonald’s “Myburger Nam’s”

“The challenge was to blend all techniques seamlessly together.”

Third animation in the MyBurger campaign focuses on spark of inspiration: ideas growing and transforming into new ones, finally blending and morphing into… flavors. Jenni Suomela’s burger Nam’s combines hot chili and grilled onion flavors, which worked as an inpiration for the films distinct liquidy and smoky look.

The team wanted to mix different techniques and see how far they can push when combining totally different styles and still pull it off. “The film combines 2D animated effects, 3D elements, some compositing magic and particle simulation.”, says Piñata animator Mikko, and continues: “The challenge was to blend all techniques seamlessly together. However that is what usually makes the project most interesting, developing a visual key for the animation and see how creative people can go, still following that same idea.”

Client: McDonald’s

Agency: DDB
Art Director: Jaakko Kastari
Copywriter: Jani Tynnilä
Account Manager: Inka Karvonen, Päivi Lång

Sound: El Camino – Marko Nyberg ja Ville Riippa

Director: Tuomas Korpi & Mika Rantala / Piñata
Artists: Mikko Vormala, Mika Rantala, Ville Ikonen, Tuomas Korpi, Jonna Uhrman, Timo Hämäläinen, Tomi Väisänen
Producer: Johanna Luoto

Tags: Commercial,

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