Marli “Karhu”

Marli “Karhu”

“Jos metsään haluat mennä nyt…”

Folk Finland approached Piñata to create a series of animation spots for Marli berry flavored juices. As we all know, bears really DIG berries and in the spots we get hear some honest theories, opinions and advice from this grumpy bear character.

“Luckily, Marli and the agency really wanted to push some attitude and edge to the character. First, that’s much more fun to work with and you can really find interesting tones and angles to the character; it’s animation and way of speech. Secondly I don’t think that would really work with a bear character to make it all sissy and wimpy haha”, animator Mikko laughs.

While concept designer was exploring the design and outlook of the bear, Timo and the animation team tackled some of the technical difficulties that come with making this bear come to life. Most of the effort was in the fur, making it look interesting and realistic. Creating animated fur poses a bit of challenge always, but this turned out really well in the end. “Making it move and animate with the character without anything odd happening, glitches etc. was quite an effort, but in the end I think it came together quite easily.”, 3D artist Timo describes.

Client: Leiras Takeda

Agency: Hasan & Partners

Creatives: Riku Eteläloski, Timo Iivari

Director: Kalle Kotila

Production company: Piñata

Director: Piñata

Producer: Miia Länsimäki

Artists: Mikko Vormala, Henri Tani, Jonna Uhrman, Ville Ikonen, Jani Toikka

Tags: Film

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