Jaffa “Zombie Marja”

Jaffa “Zombie Marja”

“We are dealing with some serious stuff here!”

Ville Granroth of SEK&GREY contacted Piñata to illustrate an eerie poster for Hartwall Jaffa campaign, advertising their new soft drink flavor – ZombieMarja!

The style, color palette and tones were selected to reflect the mood and technique of old B movie posters. Tinted crimson and cyan retro tones were used and the brush strokes were left to see to emphasize the hand crafted feel, even though the whole illustration was painted digitally. A strong diagonal theme was selected for the composition to create an epic and striking feel to the whole illustration – we are dealing with some serious stuff here!


Agency: SEK&GREY
Creative: Ville Granroth
Project manager: Elina Estlander

Piñata artists: Tuomas Korpi, Antti Lukinmaa

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