Ikea “Message in the bottle”

Ikea “Message in the bottle”

Already 22 million plastic bottles have born again as IKEA KUNGSBACKA kitchen doors. Ryhmä Creative team wanted to send this a message in a (plastic) bottle to the world.

“It is always nice to work on project with a visual idea as simple and elegant as this. Very few elements on a plain background and an image stripped of all of the fancy stuff. This leaves room for the copy and idea behind it all.”, Tuomas Korpi from Piñata sums working on the illustration.

Client: Ikea
Marketing Communication Manager: Anu Koskinen
Project Leader: Leena Lehtinen
Agency: Ryhmä Creative

Art Director: Jannis Mavrostomos,
Copywriter: Pertti Pällijeff
Designer: Roosa Kakkola
Graphic Designer: Emma Oravuo
Executive Producer: Elina Raitis
Project Director: Päivi Lång

Production: Piñata

Creative Director:
Tuomas Korpi
3D Artist: Oula Runila
Retouching: Jomppe Vaarakallio / Retoucher
Producer: Harri Hännikäinen

Tags: Advertising

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