Housemarque “Nex Machina Teaser”

Housemarque “Nex Machina Teaser”

Teaser trailer for a game combining the talents of Housemarque and Eugene Jarvis!

Piñata directed and created an arcade infused teaser trailer for Nex Machina, game developer Housemarque’s collaboration with legendary game designer Eugene Jarvis.

Visual inspiration for mixing classic anime and Saturday morning cartoons with a modern twist came from the game itself. Eugene Jarvis is known for classic Atari arcade video games such as Robotron: 2084 and Defender. The action packed game needed a action packed animated teaser and Piñata was up to deliver it!

Client: Housemarque

Production Company: Piñata

Director: Henri Tani, Tuomas Korpi (Piñata)
Piñata producer: Sari Tani
Pinata team: Mikko Vormala, Julie Astrup, Henri Tani, Ville Ikonen, Jani Toikka, Tuomas Korpi, Valtteri Heinonen

Tags: Commercial, Games

Colour Storyboard


Rough animation

Character Design

Environment Design

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