Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water “A rough journey makes a smooth rum.”

The journey in the rum industry has certainly not been just smooth sailing for Jouko and Olli, the two fellows and creators of the award-winning Hell or High Water rum.

The idea behind the illustration was to visualize the journey of both the rum and the two fellows running the rum company.

Along the along the rum entrepreneurs journey, there has been numerous hardships, obstacles and misfortunes, not to mention back stabbing and even jail… Which is precisely how the Hell or High Water rum was born. For those not familiar with the expression “Come Hell or High Water”, it means you are willing to do whatever it takes to overcome the difficulties.

Client: One Eyed Spirits
One Eyed Spirits: Jouko Laune, Olli Hietalahti

Piñata producer: Harri Hakala

Piñata artists: Tuomas Korpi

Tags: Advertising


Concept sketches

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