Gigantti “Dare to be curious”

Gigantti “Dare to be curious”

You can find more to life through using technology. An illustration covering the whole tram running on Helsinki streets explores this idea from Gigantti.

Based on the brief from Nord DDB Hel, Piñata creative team took the basic idea and a tagline ‘Dare to be curious’ and gave it a spin. The end result is a bold mix of colorful illustration of a range of people people exploring new worlds through technology; diving into another dimension through your washing machine, walking into a fantastical world of food and exploring the jungle while sitting comfortably in your bedroom.

Colourful illustration style was chosen to make the tram really stand out in the streets of Helsinki and to make a strong branding through use of Gigantti brand colors in the illustration.

Client: Gigantti
Digital and Marketing Director: Sami Särkelä
Marketing Coordinator: Oona Nakai
Digital marketing team leader: Patrik Järnefelt

Agency: NORD DDB Hel
Creative Director: Kalle Wallin
Copywriter: Tiina Tähtinen
Junior Copywriter: Saara Martikainen
Art Director: Jimi Hyvärinen
Account Director: Lauri Ferrer
Project Director: Satu Taipola

Photographer: Marko Rantanen

Piñata producer: Harri Hakala

Piñata artists: Tuomas Korpi, Raine Kuusi, Jani Toikka

Tags: Advertising

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