Zynga “Farmville 3 Reveal”

Farmville 3 Reveal

Piñata created a marketing concept and wrote and directed a reveal trailer for Zynga’s new farming game FarmVille 3.

Zynga needed a creative partner to summarize the heart and humour of the FarmVille 3 into a recognizable marketing concept and a high quality reveal trailer. 

The Piñata creative team dived into the game and wrote several concepts ideas and script drafts for the reveal trailer. Together with Zynga the creative concepts were narrowed down to one, which was then polished into a script and the actual production was kicked off. 

“Having worked with many game studios over the years, we’ve learned that the gameplay and the characters are paramount when it comes to game marketing. The concept has to stem from the very core of the game. In the case of FarmVille 3 it meant focusing on the variety of animals and the escapism.”, says Mika.

He continues: “We wrote several little gags and vignettes, giving a bit of back story for each animal and character. The visual style was based on the game, highlighting the rich visual world of the farm. Characters were also re-worked in higher resolution and rigged, allowing the ambitious animation work to be carried out.”

Splash screen

While working on the trailer, a lot of the animals and characters started developing their own personalities: The mischevious pigs, the un-interested-all-chewing goat family and the fisherman Fred, always taking an opportunity to steal Katie’s delicious pies. 

These character vignettes were further emphasized in series of stand-alone animations, to be used in marketing and videos. The videos were planned to make it easy to use them as loops, reaction gifs, social media posts and trailers. 

“It’s amazing what you can achieve when you can work a whole spectrum of marketing assets. It all ties together, all the images look coherent and the characters and game really comes to life. As an animation studio it’s amazing to feel how the characters turn into life and start breathing.”

Short animations for marketing

Work In Progress

How it all started? From the concept idea and first script to the comprehensive launch campaign package.

Client: Zynga

Concept idea, Script and Production: Piñata

Producer: Miia Enroth, Piñata

Script and Director: Tuomas Korpi, Piñata

Project Lead: Mika Rantala, Piñata

Piñata team:
Tuomas Korpi
Mika Rantala
Mikko Vormala
Sakari Hakkarainen
Timo Hämäläinen
Veikka Somerma
Jani Toikka
Raine Kuusi
Harri Hakala
Juha Liede
Rudolf Valli
Melik Malkasian
Karolis Galkus
Alex Salmar
Juuso Kaari

Music: New arrangement and recording of the old folk song Cotton-Eyed Joe / Juri Seppä, Humina

Sound design: Tube Seppänen, Humina

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Miia Enroth