Eternal Dragons Announcement Trailer

Eternal Dragons “Announcement Trailer”

The announcement trailer for Eternal Dragons takes us into a fantasy universe of dragons, magic and mystery. The trailer focuses on showcasing a variety of dragons available for collecting and reveals a bit of backstory of the fantasy universe.

“Trailblazer Games and art director Silver wanted to boldly go for a painted, even rough visual style for the trailer. The vision of Trailblazer Games is to invite the community to participate in the development process of the game, so it made sense to go for a rough, even ‘unfinished’ look for the illustrations seen in the trailer.”, Veikka from Piñata describes the creative process.

“While creating this trailer we had a lot of creative freedom from the visual storytelling to the dragon designs.”

Client: Trailblazer Games

Skeleton Team: 

Director: Silver Saaremael

Producer: Andreas Risberg

Music production, composition and sound design: Vild Factory

Production: Piñata

Piñata director: Henri Tani
Piñata producer:
Harri Hakala
Piñata artists: Henri Tani, Veikka Somerma, Raine Kuusi, Tuomas Korpi


Color Script


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Harri Hakala