Action Squad Studios “Edge of War”

Action Squad Studio “Edge of War”

In Edge of War the players carve a unique path through the Northlands inspired by laplands and Finnish Folklore.

Piñata illustrated a key art for the game, showcasing the range of characters in an epic battle taking place in the fantastic North. Traditional role playing game art and fantasy cover art were a big inspiration for the composition and painting look.

“I love how we had a chance to work together as a team on this one. Aane doing his fantastic lineart and character work, Raine and Veikka working on the first sketches and all of us coming together in the end to paint the final image. A great team effort.”, Tuomas describes the process.

Client: Action Squad Studios
Action Squad Studios: Sami Timonen

Piñata producer: Sari Tani

Piñata artists: Aane Haataja, Raine Kuusi, Veikka Somerma, Mikko Vormala, Tuomas Korpi

Tags: Gaming


Composition sketches and a color sketch

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