Dazzle Rocks “Super Spatial”

Dazzle Rocks
“Super Spatial”

The good people of Dazzle Rocks wanted a fun and sprightly key art image for their mobile game Super Spatial.

The main brief was to portray a glimpse of a world that is vibrant and alive, full of relatable characters and crafty structures. A place where you would like to visit!

“This image was a great combo of me and Tuomas making the first sketches, Aane carefully crafting the character poses and me finally coloring the final image. This was a super effective way for us to work.

And what a brief this was! I could easily spend my days wandering around in the lovely world of Super Spatial.” Jonna summarises.

Client: Dazzle Rocks
Dazzle Rocks team: Stella Wang, Joonas Jokela, Harri Granholm

Piñata producer: Sari Tani

Piñata artists: Jonna Uhrman, Aane Haataja, Tuomas Korpi

Tags: Gaming



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