Clash of Clans “TH15”

Clash of Clans “TH15”

The new Town Hall 15 update released in October 2022 takes us into a world of charged energy, crystals and magic. Zzzap!

Piñata created an epic loading screen charged with energy, showcasing troops of Electro Titan and Magic King battling it out in the Magic valley. “It was really easy to start working based on the inspiring concept of Arto from Supercell, fine tuning the character poses and composition he already had established.”, Timo says. Concept art for the new Magic scenery was also created to match the world and story of the new TH15.

Client: Supercell
Supercell: Arto Tervo, Asko Puurula, Kalvin Lyle

Piñata producer: Harri Hakala

Piñata artists: Timo Hämäläinen, Raine Kuusi, Tuomas Korpi

Tags: Gaming

TH15 Scenery: Concept Art

TH15 Scenery: Work in progress

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