Clash of Clans “Dark Ages”

Clash of Clans “Dark Ages” Splashscreens

After the colorful spring splash it was time to switch into an medieval mode. Based on the Dark Ages theme, Piñata created these splash screens for the update.

“The idea from the Clash team was to go fantasy, dungeons and dragons mode: a party of heroes facing off an dragon in a epic setting!”, Timo describes the creative brief. Illustrator and concept designer Raine continues: “We started the ideation based on this theme, new character skins and the scenery concept. In the end we came up with several options for the splash screen. However, seeing the concepts together formed a coherent story of our heroes fighting the dragon, so we ended up creating two splash screens of them from the same theme! “

Client: Supercell
Supercell: Asko Puurula, Kalvin Lyle, Arto Tervo

Piñata producer: Harri Hakala

Piñata artists: Timo Hämäläinen, Raine Kuusi, Tuomas Korpi

Tags: Gaming

Sketches for the splash screen


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