Clash of Clans “Color Fest”

Clash of Clans “Color Fest”

The idea behind the Clash of Clans Color Fest splash screen and game scenery was to kick off the spring season with a super colorful and vibrant image! The theme offered a nice variety and contrast to the previous loading screens and themes that were more dark and different in mood.

With the splash screen and game scenery the goal was also to include a lot of little colorful details and things for players to find out. The question is, as always, how many bananas can you find?

Client: Supercell
Supercell: Asko Puurula, Kalvin Lyle, Arto Tervo

Piñata producer: Harri Hakala

Piñata artists: Timo Hämäläinen, Raine Kuusi, Tuomas Korpi

Tags: Gaming

Sketches for the splash screen

Concept art for the Clash Fest themed game scenery

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