“By The Sea” Daycare

“By The Sea” Daycare illustrations

Supercell approached Piñata to create a series of illustrations and wall prints for “By The Sea” daycare operated by New Nordic School. 

The brief from the client was simple: kid’s first. The daycare and  preschool offers early years education and care to children aged 0-6-years-old. 

The  project was a year-long search for a harmonious visual style and language that would bring together elements of nature, sea and storytelling animal vignettes in a warm-hearted and poetic way.

Interior design agency Fyra and the Piñata team worked tightly together to find a harmonious way to combine the colors and patterns of the interior with the illustrations. “We wanted to bring together the beautiful wooden architecture of the building, the soothing color palette and style of the interior and the illustrations. We wanted to create a harmonious environment for the kids to explore.”, Piñata artist Jonna describes the creative approach. 

A lot of effort was put in thinking from a child’s perspective – creating a world for the kids to explore. “We included a lot of little things in the designs for kids to find out, such as a row of tiny beetles marching at the bottom of a glass panel and animal footprints leading from picture to picture in the wall prints.”, Mikko says. Tuomas continues: “I felt there was a common energy between our whole team and all the people participating in the project. Everyone wanted to find the most creative, best solutions for the kids that would serve the whole… and really make it the best daycare we could dream up.”

Client: Supercell
Supercell contact: Janne Saarinen

Interior design: Fyra
Fyra team: Anu Latvala, Elisa Ryhänen-Derrett

Architect: AOA
AOA architect: Teemu Halme

Grano: Jan Holmberg, Jarno Talka


Piñata producer: Sari Tani

Piñata artists: Jonna Uhrman, Mikko Vormala, Tuomas Korpi

Sleeping Area

Sleeping animal illustrations inside the bed cabinets.


A translucent abstract pattern was designed for the windows to obstruct the view from the street into the daycare. The pattern was designed to block the view from the outside but in a way that allows the children to peek through the little openings and lines left to the design all that is happening in the city harbor area.

Early pattern designs for windows

Play area

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