Brawl Stars “Brawl Talk”

Brawl Stars “Brawl Talk”

Brawl Talk – YouTube series for the players of Supercell’s latest hit game Brawl Stars is an important content platform for building a devoted community around the game.

Piñata was tasked to design and execute visual branding for the series regularly topping over 10 million views. Deriving heavily from the aesthetics of the game we developed a moving visual language and a customizable asset toolkit.

Client: Supercell

Piñata producer: Miia Enroth

Piñata artists: Mika Rantala, Veikka Somerma, Janne Roivainen, Sakari Hakkarainen, Jonna Uhrman

Logo Design & Animations

Editable Text Animation Templates

Logo Transitions

Name Tags



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