Atomist “Illustrations”

Atomist “Illustrations”

Automate All the Software Things. San Francisco based company Atomist needed a way to concretise their event-based automation platform.

Creative director Jaakko Kastari and Piñata came to rescue with stunning illustrations and character design that make heavy subject matter more light and understandable for even less tech-savvy crowd.

“It was an absolute pleasure to create an own illustration style for Atomist. Jaakko is always so easy to work with, he gives you clear instructions but doesn’t want to restrict the creative process in any way. It’s a matter of trust both ways.” says Jonna, the illustrator.

Client: Atomist

Agency: 60Nrth
Design Director: Terhi Ignatius
Creative Director: Jaakko Kastari

Piñata producer: Miia Enroth

Piñata artists: Jonna Uhrman

Tags: Advertising


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