Arnolds “Anniversary”

Arnolds “Anniversary”

“This project was an great example of combining different talent and work together as a team.”

The People’s Creative Village approached Piñata with a brief for Arnolds – the Finnish bakery famous for it’s oh so delicious donuts! Arnolds was celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and it was time to create something memorable and grand for the special occasion. And the produce: donuts, bagels, coffees and jammies – were all going to play the major roles!

Piñata stepped in with their pencils and hardware when People’s had created an outlining idea of the Arnolds World. When we started, there was a general idea for the animation and print but it still needed some fine-tuning visually: “Arnolds already had a quite clear visual identity so it was easy to take it a bit further. I knew exactly what colors to use and what the visual language of the campaign should be.”, production artist Tuomas describes, “For example, we wanted to interpret all the produce into a cartoony form, but keep it still realistic and appealing.”

This needed a lot of planning. The colors and materials were selected to give the world unique look but it was all based on something you can see when you enter a Arnolds cafeteria. This was all important in terms of visual integrity: “We had to photograph all the different products in several angles for modeling and texturing. And after that tweak them to a cartoony form for modeling. It turned out to be quite a job.”, Antti remembers.

While designing of elements was on the way, the pre-production team was busy designing the scenes and give the animation the wanted cinematic and pleasant atmosphere. Mikko describes: “This project was an great example of combining different talent and work together as a team. We divided the project into small areas, each artist focusing on separate task. In the end it was quite smooth when we all had a clear idea from the start what we were aiming for and what the final look was going to be like.”

Minna and Ville took care of the modeling and fluid simulations while Jani and Turkka collaborated with the grass and small animations. In the end it was Timo’s job to bind it all together with the lighting and do all the little fine-tuning for the scenes. “At some point there were a lot of elements changing, updates were made and animations added at the same. Luckily the agency was really open for any improvements we made and we could stuck with our original concept. That helped our job a lot!”, Timo says.


After rendering, Mika started compositing and finalizing the animation. “The project went on very smoothly so we had time to add small details here and there. It is always fun to collaborate with a lot of artists on a single work and get many artists give their creative input on the project. I think you can feel it in the end result – even if it’s not always there to see.”

Client: Maisa Mannila-Aloui (Hermen Oy)
Agency: Peoples
Art Director: Maria Ahonen

Production: Piñata
Piñata producer: Sari Tani
Director: Piñata
Piñata artists: Mika Rantala, Timo Hämäläinen, Sakari Hakkarainen, Jani Toikka, Tuomas Korpi, Ville ikonen, Turkka Loimisto, Minna Eriksson, Mikko Vormala

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