Arla Luonto+ “Päin puuta”

Arla Luonto+ “Päin puuta”

”Päin puuta!” Piñata animated the 2D characters and elements in this whimsical puppet animation series for Arla, directed by Musuta.

Client: Arla
Brand & Category Manager: Kati Janhunen
Head Of Marketing: Antti Airaksinen

Agency: 358
Copywriter: Juhani Ylitalo
Graphic Designer: Milla Selkimäki
Project Manager: Johanna Luoto

Production Company: Directors Guild
Director: Musuta
Post Production: James Post
Color Grading: Pulla Post

Sound Design: El Camino

Animation: Pinata
Animation Director: Henri Tani
2D Animation: Henri Tani, Mikko Vormala
Producer: Harri Hakala

Tags: Commercial

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