Aku Ankka “Lataamo”

Aku Ankka “Lataamo”

“It was like taking a stroll down the memory lane while painting…”

Aku Ankka (Finnish for Donald Duck) magazine launched their new Lataamo web portal and iPad application: An archive of nearly ALL the past Donald Duck magazines; organized, categorized and available to search by to the tiniest details.

The brief from advertising agency BOB was to create an illustration and TVC with a feeling of diving into Ankkalinna (Duckburg) and world of Disney characters. “The idea of using a really strong perspective came from Art Director Jannis Mavrostromos. We took it even further with an exaggarated fisheye lens and lighting, making the Lataamo letters pop up even more etc.” says Piñata illustrator and designer Tuomas.

“As an artist it was nice to dive into the world of Ankkalinna too. Partially the reason I became an illustrator in the first place are all the Carl Barks and Don Rosa comics I used to read as a kid. So it was like taking a stroll down the memory lane while painting… An extremely nice job.”, Tuomas concludes.

Client: Sanoma Magazines / Aku Ankka

Agency: Bob The Robot

Creatives: Jannis Mavrostomos, Pertti Pällijeff

Project Management: Elina Autio, Miia Länsimäki


Producer: Sari Tani

Artists: Tuomas Korpi, Henri Tani, Mikko Vormala

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Sari Tani