Aku Ankka “Ankallismaisema”

Aku Ankka “Ankallismaisema”

“The painting for Finnish Donald Duck magazine draws inspiration from the golden era of Finnish art.

Can you find the official and unofficial national bird of Finland in the image?

A painting by Piñata artist Raine Kuusi draws inspiration from the Golden Era of Finnish art.

Donald Duck magazine is a huge thing in Finland and it is argued that a great deal of Finnish kids read well because of the magazine! To celebrate the 100 years of independance, the magazine wanted to create an image where Donald Duck is hidden inside a national landscape, painted in the style of the old Finnish masters. And who else would be better to mimic the style of the old masters than our very talented Raine Kuusi.

Client: Aku Ankka

Agency: Bob the Robot

Project Manager: Heidi Nieminen

Creatives: Hermanni Kanerva, Jannis Mavrostomos

Illustration: Piñata / Raine Kuusi

Producer: Miia Länsimäki

Tags: Still

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Miia Länsimäki